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Commercial Structures

Standard Structures, Inc. commercial and industrial buildings are built to the highest level. We produce engineered designs meeting or exceeding state and national standards. Our buildings span a variety of applications from mini storage units to the largest of clear span crane buildings or a small field office to a corporate office with an attached facility for manufacturing, storage or vehicle service.

We are built on a foundation of experience and dedication to quality. We have a long time commitment to providing buildings that are exactly what our customer’s need for their various applications.


Standard Structures, Inc. provides fabricated structural designs backed by professional engineering. Our engineers come equipped with years of experience in the structural industry and offer a level of professionalism that you are sure to see from our buildings.

15’-60’ Spans

Economical expansions to your building at sidewalls or endwalls.

(Eave heights as required)

20’-100’ Spans

Modern design for Commercial or Industrial needs. Provides clear span, single, rigid frame, straight columns space.

(Eave heights as required)

20’-70’ Spans

Moderate clear spans with straight wall columns, flat bottom rafters. Ideal for small offices, commercial applications. Flush mounted sidewall girt gives maximum space.

20’-200’ Spans

Wide, clear span design provides maximum space. Ideal for commercial and Industrial applications.

(Eave heights as required)

Beam & Column -1 Row (BC-1) 70’-250’ Spans

Ideal for commercial and Industrial applications.
(Eave heights as required)

Beam & Column -2 Row (BC-2) 120’-180’ Span

Beam & Column -3 to 9 Row (BC-X) 160’-360’ Span

Flexible bay & column spaces. Modular flexibility for Industrial or Warehouse applications. Interior Modular spans range from 40’-75’
(Eave heights as required)

Standard Structures Steel Building Gallery

We have compiled a collection of steel building photos. Browse through our galleria and see many of our satisfied clients.